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Beijing Laboratory of Electron Microscopy (BLEM) is one of the first open laboratories of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). BLEM's role is to develop excellent research programs on the electron microscopy science and advanced technology in cooperation with other laboratories. Fundamental subjects are the central parts in the research works those are performed in BLEM. The goals of the research programs are to study structural issues in correlation with solid state physics, new materials and life science. Advanced quantitative electron microscopy techniques, such as atomic imaging, dynamics of electron diffraction and three-dimensional structure of virus, are developed and employed to study a variety kinds of samples. BLEM provides highly developed techniques for the new scientific subjects and promotes the intersection as well as cooperation among different research fields.

     Sim YY[2016-03-28 14:28:00]
     Evidence for a crucial role played by the oxygen vacancies in LaMnO3 resistive switching memories [2012-06-05 10:03:44]
     Observing a single Li-ion-column at atomic resolution using ...[2012-06-05 10:03:00]

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